Frequently Asked Questions

No, it does not matter what previous level of schooling you have attained.

Yes, we welcome expectant mothers, as well as young parents.

No, the enrolment depends on the parent’s age, not the child’s age.

Yes, we have a team of people within KYPP to help you find day care for your child.

It does not matter if you turn 21 in your final year at KYPP. HOWEVER, you must have completed all the VPC course requirements in the year you turn 21.

We have a kit with everything ready should this ever happen, and will also call an ambulance at any sign of a young mum going into labour.

This is totally dependent upon each individual mother and baby.

Yes, these are often at no cost to the individual student. We also have incursions.

Nothing, all course materials are supplied as long as you meet course and attendance requirements. You just need to bring yourself and your desire to learn along!

There may be times that you are required to complete homework, however, we attempt to keep this to a minimum.

No, however if you wish to undertake individual research at home it certainly is helpful.

If you and/or your child are sick, you stay at home until you are all well. Attending a doctor to get a medical certificate is highly recommended.

Nothing, unless you have a personal device that you wish to bring to school to use. All school supplies are supplied for you.

No, unless you want to, or have one to bring.

This question is very individual and will be discussed with you at your time of enrolment. Traditionally students complete the program in 1 – 2 years.

No, however, the students take pride in wearing their KYPP hoodies.

Under the Victorian Pathways Certificate, no matter what level you enrol in, you will study literacy, numeracy, work related skills and personal development. If you successfully meet each of the requirements for these subjects as well as your required VET hours, you will receive a Victorian Pathways Certificate which is recognised as a Year 12 pass.

Yes; however, breakfast, snacks, tea and coffee are supplied.

Yes, students typically tend to have a break between 12:00pm - 1:00pm, however this time can change depending on what is being done during the day.

Yes, you can enrol as an independent student.

If you have previous VET qualifications, on your enrolment meeting we encourage you to bring these in with you, as whatever unit of competencies you have previously passed, we can use towards your Victorian Pathways Certificate.