Kurnai College

Kurnai College is a multi-campus College of 3 campuses (Morwell, Churchill and University) and 2 annexes (LV FLO and KYPPs) totalling approximately 1186 students, about 150 kilometres southeast of Melbourne. There are two Year 7 to 10 campuses; a campus in Morwell and a campus in Churchill. Our senior campus caters for students in Years 11 and 12 and is located within the grounds of Federation University in Churchill, Australia.  Our Kurnai Young Parents program and LV FLO program is facilitated on the Commercial Road site in Morwell, VIC.

Kurnai College is a Learning Community. We all commit to develop our own learning and we likewise commit to support the learning of others in our community.

Work Ethic, Engagement, Relationships and Excellence are the foundations of our Learning Community. These four simple values are the cornerstone of how we operate as an organisation. These pillars provide us with the drive to achieve our motto, “Pathways to Success”.

We have worked to create a culture of Community within our College. We strive to be a part of our Latrobe Valley Community and we embrace the challenge of improving the learning of our students. We are implementing a College-wide Positive Behaviour Support system to provide a caring, proactive framework where we explicitly teach specific behaviours, focus on the good things students do and acknowledge them in a supportive environment. We embrace restorative practices as our preferred means of conflict resolution. We aim to provide a fair and supportive learning environment for all.

Through building our staff and students’ knowledge and skill at every opportunity, we build our community’s strength. We support learning through learning resources and technology. We know that students learn in different ways and at different paces; we aim to take this into account through Individual Learning Plans and a differentiated curriculum.